Aleka Nakis

Aleka Nakis

Aleka Nakis writes romance, sharing the keyboard with an alter-pen, Demi Alex, for erotic romance.

Pack a bag and your passport, then join Aleka & Demi on journeys of AN-TGR-750x1125contemporary romance, as she blends her life passions of story telling, travel, and exotic cultures, with sexy heroes that will hold a special place in your heart.

AN-TSD-67x101Even though the site is currently under construction, please know how much Aleka loves to hear from her readers. Click on the blog page and leave a message!


10940433_10204964510946920_1603282785271011925_nHappiest in a mobile office, typically out in nature and near the sea, characters come to life.  Below are links to Aleka’s latest works.                                         Scroll down the page and click on titles or covers for a preview. Be ready to pack that suitcase!


A Knight In Greece  Lovers, born centuries apart, are still lovers meant to beA Knight in Greece EBOOK UPLOADtogether. Nature has a way of correcting all things. Faith is the key. An uncharacteristic storm catapults Effie Genes to the night medieval Rhodes fell into the Ottoman hands. Pulled onto Lord Kavin’s stallion, the modern day Effie experiences the war and degrading occupation of her birthplace, as passion and danger dictate the fate of lovers born five hundred years apart. Lord Kavin risks his life to keep Effie out of a Sultanzada’s bed and claim her as his own. But once he has her in his arms, will he need to release her in order to save her?

 Bought His Life  by Aleka Nakis and Tia Fanning                                      Captain Jack Carter and  Bought His LifeOSS Agent Lawson Grey’s plane catches on fire, their co-pilot is lost, and instead of going back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Jack and Lawson are thrust forward and stranded in the year 2015. Just when they thought their failure couldn’t get any worse, they helplessly watch as two beautiful women purchase their hope for a return to 1944.
Emily and Kimberleigh Mitchell are having a great morning. An estate sale of a deceased Navy admiral allows the women to find and purchase some interesting WWII era memorabilia. Unbeknownst to the ladies, they buy the personal possessions of two time-stranded men…the only link to these men’s past lives, their secret mission, and the only material left to prove their identities. Retrieving these important items from Emily and Kimber is Jack and Lawson’s new mission, and a mission they are determined to complete.

 Dante’s Deal       Two months before her twenty-third birthday, Sapphyra DantesDealMorelli pumps herself up with confidence and corporate bravado and storms into her husband’s conference room a changed woman. In spite of all her preparations, pride blinds her to the truth about the relationship she shares with Dante Morelli, and she cannot recognize that the life she craves is already her own.
Dante headquarters his business in the shady alleys of Naples, lives in the picturesque seaside of Positano, and keeps his wife on the busy avenues of New York City. Sapphyra is the young wife who he has been responsible for and whom he’s held at arm’s length, waiting for her to mature into a woman who knows her own mind and heart.
As obligated by the contract, Dante accepts her in the boardroom as an equal. Battling between the carnal need for his wife and the promise he’d made to her dying father to take care of her like he would his own sister, he decides he’s entitled to Sapphy—at least for the two months remaining in their marriage contract. Because of his insistence that Sapphy stand beside him as his wife, the plan to be a real business partner expands to winning her husband’s heart and body.

Welcome to Aleka’s home on the web.

10606168_10205120400432660_4961375612403230956_nBorn in Athens, Greece, and raised in the States, Aleka’s heart has always straddled the Atlantic between the two countries. As a child, the frequent visits and summers abroad served to not only fuel her love for family, but also for culture and travel. Today, she feels truly lucky to share her time between a condo on the sandy shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and her family home in the seaside community in Glyfada, Greece. The sun rises over the first and sets on the second.

AN-TGR-750x1125Pack a bag and your passport, then join Aleka on journeys of contemporary romance, as she blends her life passions of story telling, travel, and exotic cultures, with sexy heroes that will hold a special place in your heart.

Even though the site is currently under construction, AN-TSD-67x101please know how much Aleka loves to hear from her readers. Share travel pictures and delicious recipes, if you wish. They may just turn up in a book. Contact Aleka directly at